Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work by the hour or by the job?

  • We work by the job, the quoted rate is for everything included so there’s never any surprises or hidden fees on the bill, you always know what you’re getting.  If the house just needs sprucing up before the holidays or a deep clean afterwards, you will be charged accordingly, so you only pay for the services you use.

If my regular cleaning falls on a holiday, will you be working?

  • The short answer is no, we like to enjoy holidays with our families as much as you do.  But we will clean before or after the holiday, depending on your needs, so that it does not get missed.

What if my cleaner becomes sick, or I am sick and need to reschedule?

  • Please call at least 24 hours prior to you cleaning if you need to miss a week or reschedule.  We work on a very tight schedule and any changes need to be known as far in advance as possible.  If one of our cleaners becomes sick, we do not want to transfer any germs to your family and spread it to your loved ones.  We will notify you as soon as possible so that we can reschedule your cleaning for the next available time that works for you.

Do you bring your own vacuum and cleaning supplies?

  • We do, we provide everything that it takes to make your house sparkle and shine!  If there are any cleaners that you would prefer us to use, simply leave them where they are to be used (special granite counter top cleaner on the counter, preferred vacuum on the carpet).  This saves you money from having to buy your own products.

Am I supposed to give you my house key, or alarm code to get in?

  • If your home has an alarm system that will be turned on the days that your cleaner comes, then yes, we will need the code.  If you are not going to be present to let the cleaner in to the home, then we will also need a key to the home.  All client keys are kept in a fireproof safe, and are returned when service is cancelled.  Most people give a copy during the initial clean, but some prefer to let our cleaners in themselves, and then go to work or run errands.  We also offer a lock box option for home owner peace of mind.

Should I be home while the cleaner is cleaning or should I be out of the house?

  • Either way, we will work with clients who work from home or work out of the home.  We prefer that the client is not there though, it’s just easier than having to work around someone and don’t have to worry about if the vacuum is disrupting a work call the client might receive.  If you do need to stay in the home, we just ask that you try to remember the cleaner is there to work as hard as they can for you given the allotted time constraints, so the more interruptions they have, the longer it takes them to clean.

How do I pay you, and am I supposed to leave a tip?

  • You can pay with a check, cash, or credit/debit card.  We ask that the first cleaning is payed for upfront and before service, and after that, it can be payed for after future cleanings.  It is standard to leave the payment on the kitchen counter for our cleaners to that it can be easily found.  While tipping is not required, we do encourage it.  Our cleaners work very hard for you and your family and if you think that they did a job well done, a tip is an appropriate way to show your appreciation.

Is A Mom’s Touch fully insured?

  • Yes, A Mom’s Touch is fully insured. We understand that it is a privilege to be in your home, and we are always careful. In the unlikely event that an object is damaged, please notify us within 72 hours.